Inspiration: Amazing Ring from Japan

This ring, found through this Tokyo Fashion blog, is one of the prettiest pieces of jewelry I’ve ever seen. I am hugely inspired by it and it’s just the kind of thing I’d love to make, I found some findings that would work, but I still have no idea what to put inside. I love that the ring above looks like a geode or some kind of crystal formations, it’s too pretty for words. I’d love to make the kind of jewelry that people would wear every day – their favorite piece of jewelry – which is so what this ring would be if it were in my jewelry box!

Here’s to a great weekend :3

~ Brigitte

7 thoughts on “Inspiration: Amazing Ring from Japan

  1. wow that is neat.
    anyway hey nothing wrong with creating stuff people wear for special occations – I still love my Gothic Royalty crown necklace!

    I don’t wear it to work because I don’t like coworkers to comment on me, even when it’s a compliment haha.

    • Oh thank you! I’m thrilled you like it, that’s still one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever made in resin. I’m the same way some times, I feel like it’s awkward to just say “thanks” but if you start going on and on it’s like you’re fishing for compliments!

  2. Whoa. I agree–this ring is an inspiration! I’d love to wear something like that. I’ve been sitting here on creative burnout mode, wanted to work w/ resin but it’s just not coming to me tonight! So am looking around to see the art of others.

    love ur blog! keep documenting :-)

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