Studio: Pastel Kokeshi Update

Work on the pastel kokeshi dolls is plugging along nicely! They both have eyes now and names! I decided to call them Seafoam (left) and Taffy (right) after two delicious types of candy. To unify them a little more I painted both of their bodies with a peach colored splatter paint, it made quite the mess, lol. I hadn’t done splatter painting in a long time since I don’t have a porch anymore and it worries me to do it inside the house, but I set up a “splatter box” that I think worked out pretty well :3

As the pastel kokeshi progressed I picked up work again on the striped circus kokeshi I started about a month ago. I finally got the stripes to a point that I was happy with, but I have to say, they were so hard to paint! @_@ lol She has some really cute embellishments in the works too, so I’m looking forward to finishing her. On the left is the start of a nesting doll style kokeshi that I’m really excited about too so :3 lots going on!

Have a great Sunday all!

~ Brigitte

8 thoughts on “Studio: Pastel Kokeshi Update

  1. Chloe

    oh i love these! (^_^) how on Earth you painted those i’ve no idea! That’s some truly precise & beautiful work =) love the idea of making a splatter box too – i’d love to try that again, it’s soo much fun =D

    Chloe x

    1. Brigitte Post author

      You’re so sweet, thank you! I think I’m just patient and use really tiny brushes :3 I can’t paint if I’m in a bad mood either, lol!

  2. cazhugs

    ooooo so cute! I especially like the stripe one!! Iv been inspired by your dolls and im hoping to have a little play around myself! I find your dolls soooo cute and colourfull :-D

  3. kaeleigh

    I remember reading about the kokeshi in the background (on the right side of the 2nd photo)… did she get finished? :) and I love all 4 of these girls! The color scheme is so sweet!

    1. Brigitte Post author

      Thank you! I actually put her aside for a while but I’m working on finishing her now. She should be complete and available for adoption before too long! :D I think it’s awesome that you remembered her.


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