Doll Face Pins: Seafoam and Rainbow Grace

More Doll Face pins have arrived in my shop! Above is pin #5 Seafoam, which you probably remember from the studio posts. Her companion kokeshi piece will be available in the shop soon too. I’ve decided to revive the Storenvy shop for a few reasons, I like the feel of it more than Etsy, it’s free, and I’m not pleased with some of Etsy’s new policy changes. Ideally I’d be selling through Storenvy exclusively, but so many people (understandably) love Etsy that I’ll be double-listing for a while. Also, Storenvy now allows guest checkout, which means you don’t have to register if you don’t want to – as someone who hates to register for new accounts that’s a big plus in my book! Ahem, back to the pin, you can pick Seafoam up on Etsy or Storenvy now where you can also see a photo of her specially painted back!

Doll Face pin #6 is Rainbow Grace, based off of my Zombuki doll of the same name. She was spotted in the studio and has already been adopted. She took a while to make, and I was worried about how she would translate to the Doll Face style, but I’m so happy with how she came out. I almost want to make a kokeshi of her too, but maybe that would be too many iterations. I’ve also started initialing the backs of all the the Doll Face pins, someone requested it and I think it’s a great idea, so now it’s official!

Are there any other Zombuki dolls you’d like to see recreated as Doll Face pins?

~ Brigitte

Update: Links removed because these pins are no longer available.

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