Studio: New Zombuki Begins

Well, none of the title is really true, she’s not really new, nor has she “begun” anymore, I finished her three days ago! I took this photo back in April, if you can believe it, but she sat in the studio nearly finished since then, until the final pieces fell into place.

When I started her I decided to try something difficult, she looks simple here, but in the next set of photos I put up you’ll see, I painted her eyeshadow in a checkerboard pattern. It was very tricky, but she’s all done now, and I adore her. I was worried it was going to go horribly awry so I kept the studio photos hushed. I’m really looking forward to showing her off to you all!

~ Brigitte

View Part II here.
View Part III here.

2 thoughts on “Studio: New Zombuki Begins

  1. Ningyou

    I’m always so excited whenever you post teaser pictures like this one and the description makes me even more curious about her. =)
    Can’t wait to see more. *_*


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