Kokeshi #75 Dame Lolly

Kokeshi #75 is Dame Lolly, part of the circus series, and girlie as all get out. She was kind of a bear to paint, I had no idea those swirls were going to be so difficult! but in the end I’m really pleased with her. I handmade the swirl candy out of Sculpey, they were really the reason I ended up making her. I also decided to give her a more “realistic” or “lipstick” mouth (which ever you prefer), like the one on Vertigo, because I felt like it suited her personality much better. Expect to see more lipstick mouths on kokeshi and Doll Face pins moving forward too! Dame Lolly can be adopted on Storenvy.

Happy Wednesday all!

~ Brigitte

Update: This kokeshi is no longer available.

2 thoughts on “Kokeshi #75 Dame Lolly

  1. Ningyou

    She’s candilicious! *_*
    Great job with the swirls and ornaments, the result is truely perfect and neat. ^3^


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