Studio: Art-o-Mat Collage Blocks 5/6

Last Thursday afternoon I sat down and finished off two more collage blocks for the Art-o-Mat project. I actually think I’m going to keep #6, which is on the right, I ended up liking it too much to part with it. This past weekend I also got around to scanning the first six blocks so I’ll be setting up a page on here for them soon and posting about each one. I also finally swallowed my pride and paid for my suspended Vogue subscription, something I’ve been putting off for months because I could have absolutely sworn that I already paid for it once. Either way, Vogue is kind of a must for my collage needs, so it had to be done. Now I’m more irked at missing the September issue, alas. Next subscription I want? Smithsonian magazine. History swoon!

~ Brigitte

One thought on “Studio: Art-o-Mat Collage Blocks 5/6

  1. Crystal

    These are awesome. I have TONS of magazines and kinda want to start making collages..where do you get the blocks from? Or is it just a box? I need to get more creative and crafty!


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