Collage #1101 Untitled

Title: Untitled
Size: 5″ x 7″
Status: Given to Dad

I made this collage for Dad and now I cannot remember why, I think it was for Father’s Day, see what happens when I cannot remember to write about collages quickly enough? Wait, why am I gloating and to whom? I don’t think it’s my best work, but I am happy with the color blocked look of it. The model is from the Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 print campaign, I didn’t think I was terribly impressed by it, but here were are, 8 months and countless images later, and I remember the details, so it must have left a mark.

Here, thanks to Google and Fashion Gone Rogue, is the full image. Oh honey, even if I had the room I would have cropped out that mug. If I remember correctly the photos for his print campaign were taken right before the runway show, which I really love, and the dress itself is fabulous. I’ve never considered myself a particular Marc Jacobs fan, but I’d wear that in a heartbeat. I love the pose and the hands too, even if the left one is a tad stiff. Well look at me, insulting people like I know all about their business, what an arm chair quarterback I’ve become.

~ Brigitte

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