ATC #1118 Gaga’s Got Tiger Blood

Title: Gaga’s Got Tiger Blood
Size: 2.5″ x 3.5″

I think I made this collage in March, I know that’s when I scanned it, and it’s sort of a mash up of two of my favorite pop culture references at the time: Charlie Sheen’s nervous breakdown and Lady Gaga. Like usual Gaga is in McQueen, which is part of why I can’t help but like her, she’s bringing a lot more McQueen to the pages of fashion magazines. I still love the whole, “tiger blood,” thing conceptually, but it got played out so quickly and was always a commentary on someone’s sad implosion that you aren’t really allowed to admit you like it. The idea of having tiger blood appeals to me though, like the tiger fairy myth, and Durga (though maybe I’m just putting a super positive spin on all this).

~ Brigitte

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