Collage #1102 untitled

Title: untitled
Size: 5″ x 7″
Status: Given to Dad

I really love this collage, I think this one was made for Dad’s birthday, but I’m honestly not sure anymore. Regardless, it’s one of my favorite collages of 2011 because it’s about at the point where I really started loving the look of the blocked off elements. I might not remember the occasion, but I do remember thinking I wish I had more time to make Dad a replacement gift, because I really wanted to keep this collage.

Here is the near-exact image I used, they had to be taken nanoseconds apart; I got it out of some runway fashion-only magazine that I got when Borders was closing and doing a super sale. I think I remember Galliano saying the collection was, “What if Bettie Paige starred in ‘South Pacific,'” with this as the result. Taking a cue from that, the jaguar was taken from some typically lukewarm Paige-inspired advertising photo, with a faux Paige all scrunched over in a leopard bikini, with this guy hanging out in a probably fake tree in the background. I thought it would be fun to replace parts from the model with corresponding parts from – I believe it’s a jaguar. The colors used to frame it are taken from the colors in the dress, which I love. I kind of miss the model’s hair, because it’s so damn pretty, but sacrifices must be made.

~ Brigitte

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