Collage Block #2 Tiger Woman

Title: Tiger Woman
Size: 2″ x 3.25″ x 1″
Status: Available via Art-o-Mat

“Tiger Woman” is named after a Chinese folktale I read a few years ago that has stayed with me, the myth of the Tiger Fairy. Here it is to be best of my recollection:

Once upon a time there was a hunter who got lost in the woods during winter. The sun was setting and he was sure he would freeze to death that night, when he happened upon a cabin. Inside there was an old couple who invited him to stay the night. They had a beautiful daughter with whom the hunter immediately fell in love. They ended up getting married and moved back to the city. Years later they went to visit the same woods with their young children. Happening upon the same cabin they went inside and, in the corner, there was a dusty, old tiger pelt laying on the ground. “I thought I had lost it!” the woman screamed, diving on it in desperation. As the pelt touched her back she instantly transformed into a tiger and rushed past the startled man, only to disappear into the woods. She was never seen by him or her children again.

This collage block was the second I completed, but the first to be sent out to Art-o-Mat. It will be available in one of their vending machines and, I hope, will find a happy home.

~ Brigitte

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