Collage #1201 Pompeii

Title: Pompeii
Size: 5″ x 7″
Status: Adopted

For as long as I remember my collage materials have been divided into three drawers: people, backgrounds, and things. Last week I decided to really dig into the “things” drawer to see if anything inspiring had drifted to the bottom and to generally clean and organize it. Thanks to some misfiling I actually found everything for this collage in that one drawer.

The background is a photo of dried flowers from a really odd photo series that I have in its entirety. I think it may have come from an old copy of Martha Stewart living of all places, I never had a subscription, but a while back a generous spirit gave me a bunch of copies they didn’t want anymore. The woman is definitely from either Elle or Vogue, probably Elle, and I know it’s quite old. The bizarre, haunting, mummified baby, which was actually completely cut out when I found it last week, is almost certainly from a Smithsonian Magazine article on the Vesuvius eruptions. I called the collage “Pompeii,” though it’s almost more likely that the baby is from Herculaneum, since I believe the Pompeii victims were mostly preserved as white plaster figures. I wish I had the caption now so I could verify it because not knowing is irking me. The little torn off piece at the bottom is definitely from a fresco at Pompeii, that much I know.

This collage is also larger than the ATCs, my previous go-to size, 5″ x 7″ which fits in a standard photo album. For years I’ve given my Dad collages this size as gifts so I just went ahead and set it aside for him. Hopefully he’ll like it!

~ Brigitte

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