ATC #1209 Animal Girls

Title: Animal Girls
Size: 2.5″ x 3.5″
Status: Adopted

After I made “Tiger Girls” I really wanted to make a second, similar collage using the other two models. As you can see I did just that, though I feel like they have a fairly different tone to them, for some reason. These models are from the same magazine’s index page as the others, but one of them got sort of chopped off at the torso so, unlike normal, this one came decapitated. I used more stamps from preciousowl and the background was also used in “Jeweled Gaga.” I actually had this card sitting with the background attached ever since I made that ATC, which was last March, so for about 10 months now.

Over the weekend I met me 12/12/12 collage goal this month. A rousing success! A special thank you to everyone who has been adopting my collages, it’s nice to know that people want them, and it really helps keep me motivated. This also means the blog will be positively inundated with collages this week. Apres moi, le deluge!

This ATC is available for adoption to anyone who would like to add it to their collection, just leave a comment or drop me a line and I will send it out to you.

~ Brigitte

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