ATC #1211 Ophelia 2

Title: Ophelia 2
Size: 2.5″ x 3.5″
Status: Swapped

Time for Ophelia round two! After I made the first Ophelia ATC I decided that I needed to make a different one for the Yellow Flower ATC swap. I used the same image to make the background; well, not the exact same one obviously, but it’s from the same page. The model is from the Rodarte Spring 2012 runway show, I wanted to take off the head to symbolically remove the individual identity and make it more of a stand in for all Ophelias, if that makes any sense. The blue border is a photograph of actual water and the same goes for the corners. I figured if I wanted my first Ophelia to live I had to have a drowned one to take her place. Kind of like the show “Pushing Daisies,” but super different I guess, since these are just collages. Incidentally, I absolutely love that show and recommend it highly to anyone awesome.

This is the last collage for this month’s 12/12/12 Project! I’m very happy that I managed to complete it with a week to spare. I still have a bunch of collages in the wings; in a way I just want to make all the projects collages, but I think I might get burnt out after so many. At least I have a week to think about it, right?

~ Brigitte

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