Put a Stamp On It

As most of you know the post office just raised its rates again, now I have no idea how much it costs to mail a letter in the US, and international letter rate is now $1.05. Yes, you read right, one dollar and five cents to mail an envelope outside of the US, and that’s only if it’s not lumpy or too “heavy.” Despite that madness I find myself sending more and more letters thanks to Swap-Bot and giving away collages here, and so, like the 80 year old granny I totally am, I was excited about the release of the Lunar New Year dragon dancer stamps. They were so pretty I found myself wanting to take a photo and so voila! They also had these bonsai tree ones, which I thought were super cute, and the ones in the right corner are the international ones. I would have bought more, but stamps are expensive!

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