February 12/12/12 Project: Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Phone Strap

That’s right y’all! Sailor. Freaking. Moon! I was hesitant to start this 12/12/12 project because being a crazy Sailor Moon dork makes me feel uncool. But then I remembered that there were more important things in life than looking cool on your blog, like having fun, for example, so I decided to go for it. For February’s round of the handmade 12/12/12 I’m going to be making Sailor Moon decora phone straps like the one above, which is a prototype that I’ll be keeping as a wee memento. I’m making them out of some super high quality bezels that I had in my craft drawer and my very old Sailor Moon Seal Club stickers. As much as the collector in me wanted to keep them in the closet forever they were making absolutely no one happy there, which is no kind of life for a sticker.

I will also be giving away all of them (aside from Sailor Mars, which is reserved for my High School bff slash moon pal forever, Sailor Yuckums) to anyone who would like one. If more than one person wants any particular phone strap I’ll draw the recipient randomly and it will be sent out to you free of charge. Sounds fun right? I’m excited!

5 thoughts on “February 12/12/12 Project: Sailor Moon

  1. Tatjana

    Loving Sailor Moon is every thing BUT uncool : D I love Sailor Moon!!!!!!!!!!!
    How can I sign up for the Draw??? Just by commenting here? If yes and I should be lucky enough to win a Neptune/ Uranus Phonestrap would be soooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!


    1. Brigitte

      Thank you for your sweet comment Tatjana! Actually you just need to comment on the post that has the phone strap you want to get, the first two will be up on Tuesday and I’m planning on having Uranus and Neptune available by the Tuesday after that. Definitely stop back by so you can take one of them home!

  2. Yaisha

    Sometimes I get a little embarrassed about collecting dolls and liking stuff like Sailor Moon but fuck it, we’re awesome. Using the old stickers is a good idea, I have so much stuff laying around that is “must never use, too nice!” but this got me thinking… Hey if I died tomorrow most of it would prob just end up in the trash. LOL morbid

    1. Brigitte Post author

      Yes we are awesome! I was thinking something similar, at least this way, instead of staying in my closet forever, they stickers will hopefully be making people happy. I’ll probably even see them more this way, really!


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