Sailor Moon Phone Straps: Mercury and Moon

Sailor Moon Phone Strap

The first phone straps for February’s 12/12/12 Project are finished, photographed, and ready to go home! I have some vague machinations about doing these in the order they appear in the story, we’ll see how that works out, so first two up for grabs are Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury! They were made with 1.25″ round bezels, Sailor Moon stickers sealed under Diamond Glaze, and then embellished by me before being attached to a phone strap. Both are one of a kind.

Sailor Mercury Phone Strap

If you are interested in either of these just leave a comment below with your name, a valid email (which will not be public), and which one you would like (you can also say either would be fine). Tomorrow morning if more than one person wants one I will draw a recipient randomly and email you for you mailing address. You have one day to write back before it goes to someone else. You can enter to get as many as you like, but you can only take home one.

Update! Pauleen and Selvi have been drawn as the two winners! Thank you to everyone who left a comment, more netsuke will be posted Thursday so be sure to stop back in if you didn’t win.

14 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Phone Straps: Mercury and Moon

  1. Ingrid

    I won’t be entering because I don’t use cellphone straps and thus surely they could have a better home, but I just wanted to say they’re adorable!
    When I was younger I didn’t like Mercury that much, but as time went by I got more and more fonder of her personality – more like mine, really. I’m nothing like Mars, who was my favorite at the time. ^_^;

  2. tish

    Nice work (as usual) Brigitte! I like the sailor moon one:) its so wonderful to watch what u come up with! I still wear the necklace, ring, and hair clip I got from u years ago!

  3. selvi

    uwaa gotta be great to have either of one <33
    i love sailormoon a lot ~ still remember waitting for the time to watch the anime on TV and i love sailor mercury the best :3 LoL ~
    name's selvi . email is :)
    thanks a lot !

  4. Clare

    Hi it’s that Australian again. :p I still love these so much. Good thing I’m up late to see them go up. After some extreme agonising I guess I like the Sailor Moon one better but if there’s someone else who wants her desperately I love the Sailor Mercury too. If I don’t win I’m sure I’ll buy something from your shop next time I have any disposable income, anyway.

  5. Clare

    Sailor Neptune is actually my favourite btw, so if you make her… :0
    In any case I can’t wait to see all the designs if you do make more.

  6. Erin

    I found you through the Sailor Moon tag on tumblr! And wow, these look pretty amazing! The Sailor Moon one is pretty darned adorable – can’t wait to see how Sailor Saturn turns out.

    1. Brigitte Post author

      Oh neat :D I wasn’t sure if I should bother posting it on Tumblr or not but I’m glad I did! There will definitely be a Saturn one too, Scout’s honor! Har har …

  7. Kaylin

    I love them both they’re so pretty! My favorite Senshi was always either Sailor Moon or Sailor Venus because they both had long blonde hair like I did. Nowadays people say I’m Mercury just because I have blue eyes and not-blonde hair lol. I’d like either of those. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see what you have next!


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