Sailor Moon Phone Straps: Mars and Jupiter

Sailor Mars Phone Strap

The next round of 12/12/12 Project Sailor Moon phone straps are all photographed and ready to go home. Sailor Mars has been set aside for my friend so she’s spoken for, but Sailor Jupiter is available for adoption. Mars is one of the only ones I didn’t make with the Seal Club stickers, I actually don’t know what I made it with, I have these adorable cards where the top layer is a sticker and they’re super glossy … I would be able to tell you more if I could read languages other than this one.

Sailor Jupiter Phone Strap

If you are interested the Sailor Jupiter netsuke just leave a comment below with your name and a valid email (which will not be public). Tomorrow morning if more than one person wants it I will draw a recipient randomly and email you for you mailing address. You have one day to write back before it goes to someone else. You can enter to get as many different charm as you like over the course of February, but you can only take home one. Please note that this giveaway is US only, I’m sorry overseas peeps, but the cost of shipping 12+ packages overseas this month isn’t one my part time job can handle at the moment.

Update! Congrats to this round’s winner, Wren! On Tuesday the Sailor Venus and Sailor Chibi Moon phone straps will be up for grabs so be sure to stop in.

12 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Phone Straps: Mars and Jupiter

    1. Brigitte Post author

      Thank you! By the by, I went on your blog to check it out, and for some reason is slowed down my browser so much that I couldn’t use it for a good 5 minutes so I had to leave :( I read a few paragraphs though! I just wish I could have read more. If there are ads or something via WP maybe look into it because something wasn’t loading properly. Just a head’s up!

  1. jasmine

    I love the Sailor Jupiter one! What a great shot of her, normally she’s shown very serious but I love the light-hearted side of her that this shows off.

    1. Brigitte Post author

      I totally agree! I love that she’s a tough girl but really soft in other ways, she’s definitely a complicated character and it’s very endearing.


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