Sailor Moon Phone Straps: Venus and Chibi Moon

Sailor Venus Phone Strap

The next round of my Sailor Moon decora phone straps for February’s 12/12/12 Project are ready to go home! This round is for Sailor Venus and Sailor Chibi Moon. I never read the Sailor V manga, but she really is the original Sailor Scout so props for that. Since she’s the guardian of love it’s pretty appropriate to put her netsuke up for grabs on Valentine’s Day! I actually never really warmed up to Chibi Moon in the cartoon series, as adorable as her pink hair is, but maybe now that I’m reading the manga I’ll like her more. I know she’s a favorite for a lot of people, so only time will tell!

Sailor Chibi Moon Phone Strap

If you are interested in either of these just leave a comment below with your name, a valid email (which will not be public), and which one you would like (you can also say either would be fine). Tomorrow morning if more than one person wants one I will draw a recipient randomly and email you for you mailing address. You have one day to write back before it goes to someone else. You can enter to get as many as you like during February, but you can only take home one. Please note that this giveaway is US only, I’m sorry overseas peeps, but the cost of shipping 12+ packages overseas this month isn’t one my part time job can handle at the moment.

Update! Congrats to Veronica and Heather who will be taking these two home. On Thursday two more will be posted, who could it be?

6 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Phone Straps: Venus and Chibi Moon

  1. Dee

    Both are so adorable! I’d love to give either a home :) Venus and Chibi Moon are actually my two favorite characters, haha!

  2. Veronica

    Would love the Sailor Venus because orange is a favorite color and she is a powder keg of energy. They’re both great, though.


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