Sailor Moon Phone Straps: Neptune and Uranus

Sailor Uranus and Neptune Phone Straps

If asked who my favorite character in Sailor Moon is I would probably say this pair, which is already cheating, but they’re so attached to one another I feel like I can get away with lumping them together. Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus are wonderful characters and probably the strongest couple in the Sailor Moon series; like the Starlights it almost feels like they are their own autonomous unit. Because of this I tried to make their phone straps feels similar without being identical.

Sailor Neptune is spoken for, but if you are interested in taking Sailor Uranus home just leave a comment below with your name and a valid email (which will not be public). Tomorrow morning if more than one person wants one it I will draw a recipient randomly and email you for you mailing address. You have one day to write back before it goes to someone else. Remember, you can enter to get as many as you like this month, but you can only take home one. Please note that this giveaway is US only, I’m sorry overseas peeps, but the cost of shipping 12+ packages overseas this month isn’t one my part time job can handle at the moment.

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