ATC #1227 Nippon Prive II

ATC 1227 Nippon Prive II

Title: Nippon Prive II
Size: 2.5″ x 3.5″
Status: Adopted

As promised the Nippon Prive ATC series continues! The model, in case you missed the last post, is from Runway Magazine and is wearing a piece from the Fall 2011 Armani Prive collection, which was inspired by Japan. The origami paper, once again, is from the Kinokuniya book store in New York, and the stamp is from a swap envelope I received from Japan. The Coca Cola can is from a very old copy of Time magazine. Now that I’m out of stamps from Japan I’m going to have to mix it up a little, darn their reasonable postage costs!

I was going to wait until I had finished the ATC series before I made them available, but I changed my mind, and this one is ready to be adopted right now. If you would like to add this card to your collection just leave a comment or drop me a line and I will send it out to you gratis.

Update: Adopted!

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