Sailor Moon Phone Straps: Starlights

Sailor Starlight Phone Straps

When I started February’s 12/12/12 Project I had originally only meant to make the Inner and Outer Senshi, but I found these three stickers of the Sailor Starlights in my Seal Club stash and had to make them.

Stars was my favorite season of Sailor Moon and I adore these three characters. The gender swapping alone is great but “Star Gentle Uterus!” (Sailor Star Maker’s attack)? Amazing! I cannot believe it was censored to “Star Gentle Creator,” not to mention how much hoopla there is over their “true” genders. I tried to make their charms all coordinate with one another, they each have two hematite stars and star shaped metal connectors. My favorite is Sailor Star Healer, but all three are up for grabs. Sailor Star Fighter is at the top, Sailor Star Maker is in the middle, and Sailor Star Healer is at the bottom.

If you are interested in any of these three just leave a comment below with your name, a valid email (which will not be public), and which one you would like (you can also say any of them would be fine). Tomorrow morning if more than one person wants one I will draw a recipient randomly and email you for you mailing address. You have one day to write back before it goes to the next person in line. You can enter to get as many as you like during February, but you can only take home one. Please note that this giveaway is US only, I’m sorry overseas peeps, but the cost of shipping 12+ packages overseas this month isn’t one my part time job can handle at the moment.

This is the last round of Sailor Moon giveaways! Thank you to everyone who has left comments this month. Congrats to Trish, Rebecca, and Tiffany who are taking these three home.

7 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Phone Straps: Starlights

  1. Nancy

    Yaten was my favorite character mostly cause my personality is so much like hers….. So I would love to have Sailor Star Healer. But as an avid reader I would also like Sailor Star Maker.



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