My Funny Valentine (Collages)

Mondo Valentine  Elvis Presley Valentine

I’m a Halloween gal, not too much into Valentine’s Day, I’ve never been with anyone romantic, and I wouldn’t describe myself that way, but I do love pink and glitter and Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to drown everything in the stuff. Not to mention my love of candy and letting people know I appreciate them, romantic no, but sentimental? You betcha. So this year for Galentine’s I made a Mondo (Project Runway) ATC sized Valentine for my bff Karlen. We watch the show with her mom (who is awesome) every week and he looks so stern and creepy in his ad for All Stars season I found in Marie Claire.

The Elvis Valentine is for my Dad who is a huge fan and raised me to love the campy wackiness that is The King. There was actually a full page Elvis inspired roundup in the February 2012 Marie Claire that made this and one other ATC possible. It was a rich vein. The backgrounds are both Martha Stewart scrapbook paper that Karlen and I bought and divided up. We always walk around the craft store going “Oh Martha!” and trying to restrain ourselves from buying her high quality yet overpriced coordinating craft goods. It’s not easy.

If you’re wondering why I posted these so late in the month it’s because I had to actually get the Valentine’s to their rightful owners first because, like the awesome Valentine-deserving people they are, both of them read this blog. Love you guys!

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