ATC #1234 Nippon Prive III

ATC 1234 Nippon Prive III

Title: Nippon Prive III
Size: 2.5″ x 3.5″
Status: Adopted

The Nippon Prive ATC series marches on with a very pink part three. One of my favorite parts of this Armani Prive collection is the use of the obi (belt) in the pieces. The origami paper is from the same Kinokuniya set used in the previous two “Nippon Prive” collages and the heart paper is from the Martha Stewart scrapbook set I used to make my Valentine’s. The text is from a random leaflet, I cannot remember what it came with, but I do know I’ve had it for a while. I’m thinking that there will probably be about five cards in this series, so I hope you all are enjoying them, because there’s more to come.

This card is available for adoption, if you would like to add it to you collection just leave a comment or drop me a line and I will mail it out to you, free of charge.


~ Brigitte

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