Last Sunday morning I went by Sugar Darlings, a local bakery, and got half a dozen cupcakes … I couldn’t resist, they always have these great, unique flavors. I started in on the Pineapple Right-Side Up cupcake as soon as I got home and it was so tasty that I had to take a photo! Even my kitten tried to eat it, which was cute, but really annoying. I love cupcakes and photography so I’m actually a little surprised it took so long for me to take some snaps, though its hard for me to pull away from sugar once it has me in its grip. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the cupcake break!

2 thoughts on “Cupcakery!

  1. Crystal J (@cry5tal)

    I go to Sugar Darlings all the time! Aren’t their cupcakes SUPER moist? I remember when the lady first opened the shop & was only charging $1/cupcake!

    I also like Cupcake Heaven in Spring Hill. Their strawberry cupcake is divine!

    1. Brigitte Post author

      $1 a cupcake would have been great! I think they’re $2 now, which makes sense, making money off a $1 purchase is impossible if people don’t use cash, which of course no one does anymore.


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