Collage Block #6 Witchy Woman

Title: Witchy Woman
Size: 2″ x 3.25″ x 1″
Status: Not Available

My sixth collage block has designs by Marcheesa, Alexander McQueen, and Theory. I ended up liking it enough that I decided to keep it. The McQueen is actually in the peach borders, it was from that shoot where Anne Hathaway was wearing it on a double decker bus, detestable! Not the bus, but the idea of Hathaway wearing McQueen, it just feels wrong, almost as wrong as her playing Catwoman. Why does she keep assaulting thing I like with her generic likeability and large eyes/smile? I feel like there’s some hypnotic aura she possesses that I’m completely immune to and thus “I don’t get her?” Off topic, perhaps, but c’est la vie. If you’re reading this Anne, rest assured that it’s not personal, not that you’d even care if it were.

~ Brigitte

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