Fashion: Armani Prive Spring 2012


When I was working on the Nippon Prive ATC series I was a bit torn, because as fun as it was to make the collages, I felt like the Japanese “inspiration” for the line was so … well lazy, honestly, that it could easily be interpreted as racist. Cultural tourism I have no issue with when it comes to Japan since they’ve appropriated so many things from the US – I still consider Japanese t-shirts with random American words the equivalent of kanji tattoos where the person probably doesn’t really know what it means. However the Armani Prive line is just extremely literal, and nothing reinforces that more than their Spring 2012 collection.

If you had guessed it was inspired by reptiles you’d be right. With every piece in shades of (primarily) green and blue with a dark gray neutral, the line is as literal is as gets. Snake skin prints, sequins that mimic scales, coiled headpieces on every model, and gowns that look like shedding skin would probably get the message across clearly enough, but then you have jewelry pieces and accents that are snakes. There’s even one where the model’s head looks like it’s popping though some foliage (it’s up top as well as in the gallery below). On the whole I like it, despite the silliness of it (or maybe because of the silliness), though I do hate that the models have such unkempt hair styles, I don’t know about you, but when I think about snakes the would “tousled” does not come to mind.

Click on the thumbnail images above to view them larger, and “permalink” to view them even larger. The runway images are via Fashion Gone Rogue, where you can view the full collection, with the detail shots culled from the always credit-devoid Tumblr.

~ Brigitte

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