Collage Block #7 Fox and Friends I

Title: Fox and Friends I
Size: 2″ x 3.25″ x 1″
Status: Available

I already posted the “fox” part of this collage block pair, but this is perhaps the “friend” in the title. Not good friends, mind you. This was from that jag when I wasn’t writing down the designers in collages because I thought I had total recall somehow, a small joke I’ve played on myself, I suppose. I keep smiling at the little lamb arms, I’m kind of childish like that. This collage block is up for adoption! If you’d like it just drop me a line and I’ll send it anywhere in the US for free. Keep in mind that getting it to you will entail a trip to the post office, so be patient, because that’s no easy feat for me, a post office-phobic.

~ Brigitte

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