ATC #1247 Leiothrix

Title: Leiothrix
Size: 2.5″ x 3.5″
Status: Not Available

After I made “Bird Complex” I was feeling inspired to do another, similar, collage. The bird is a Red-Billed Leiothrix, which is an absolutely adorable bird. I know that photographs are much more accurate, but there’s something about scientific illustrations, they seem to just have more heart. I love this color combination, the magnolia with the kind of dark jade green, of course jade (like turquoise) is kind of a loaded color distinction because the stones that are referenced wildly range in color. The driftwood in the background is the same that was used for “I Had a Pearl,” from the same page I mean, not the exact same section. It’s rare that I get two copies of the same magazines, though it does happen occasionally.

I’m on the fence about keeping this one, I might end up making it available later, but for now it’s in my little collection.

~ Brigitte

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