ATC #1248 Miss Monster

Title: Miss Monster
Size: 2.5″ x 3.5″
Status: Not Available

In the March 2012 issue of US Vogue there was this wonderful one-page picture of Nicki Minaj, which you can see on my Pinterest here. The pink hair with the blue was so fabulous I had to make an ATC out of it. Some people have called the photo shoot “Avatar” or “Smurfs,” but I think those people are being way too simplistic; when I saw it I thought of a fabulous monster, I loved it. Maybe the people who don’t like it feel that way because they’re unable to detach themselves, even momentarily, from this cacophony of pop culture references that’s ever-swirling in their minds. The rhinestone bits on the top and bottom are from a pair of Jill Stuart earrings that you can apparently buy for $420 at Saks Fifth Avenue if you are so inclined. I will pass as I do not have pierced ears, but they are beautiful and I keep seeing them everywhere.

Here is a progress photo of it in the studio, the earrings didn’t start out with a completely white border, I ended up having to cut the edges very close and then layer them on top of white. I think it was worth the extra work though. The back of the ATC is almost completely covered in clippings and scraps too, something which I do from time to time.

~ Brigitte

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