ATC #1249 Bathing Beauties

Title: Bathing Beauties
Size: 2.5″ x 3.5″
Status: Not Available

Most of the images used in this collage were in my stash forever, the synchronized swimmers are from Time Magazine, something my family hasn’t subscribed to in probably close to a decade. The background is from a huge full-page photo of color saturated palm trees, I think I got it from W magazine a good ten years ago as well; I unsubscribed from W because it was so oversized the pages wouldn’t fit in my clipping box. I found the page in a copy paper box I call “the ark,” which is full of exceptionally old clippings, it got dragged out of the stack by Mr. Pants (my kitten), who was chewing on it. The glitter tape is fairly new and the picture of Elizabeth Taylor is from I believe the March issue of Elle, that or Marie Claire, I really should have written it down because there’s a great picture of Marilyn Monroe on the same page so I’ll need to reference it again and will come up short again. I worked on this one for two days trying to figure out how to place the swimmers and cover up the parts of Taylor that were covered in words from the magazine. I ended up being happy with how it came out, which is all I can ask for, really.

~ Brigitte

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