ATC #1251 At First Blush

Title: At First Blush
Size: 2.5″ x 3.5″
Status: Available

I’ve been a bit smitten with pink and blue lately, so when I saw this huge spread in the March Elle (I believe) I wanted to make an all-pink collage. The blue in the background I’m not 100% with, I like it, but there’s something about it, I think I’d like it to be a slightly different tone, a little dustier perhaps. The model in the center is wearing Givenchy, one of my favorite designers. I set aside the little clipping that said where everything was from and then, of course, while I was cleaning the studio afterward I threw it away without noticing. This ATC is available for adoption, if you would like to add it to your collection just leave me a comment or drop me a line and I will send it out to you.

~ Brigitte

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