Collage Block #4 Czarina

Title: Czarina
Size: 2″ x 3.25″ x 1″
Status: Available

The fourth collage block for the project features Lady Gaga. Having made this collage months ago I actually am less fond of her than I used to be, I kind of wish that I had used someone else’s image. I liked a few singles of hers but now she’s not releasing anything I like even a little bit, though I did love the turquoise bob she was sporting for a while. I love the pearl cluster at the top of the collage, it’s actually from a small purse, but I’ve forgotten the designer’s name. The background is from a Dior ad though, I love it and it’s been popping up everywhere.

This collage block is available for adoption, if you would like to add it to you collection just leave a comment or drop me a line and I will send it out to you. Since I will have to actually go to the post office please be patient on the delivery time; US only please!

~ Brigitte

4 thoughts on “Collage Block #4 Czarina

  1. Kaeleigh

    If this is still available, I would love to give it a good home! The colors are actually close to what I am thinking for my wedding colors, and I happen to love this very natural-looking photo of her! :-)

    1. Ms. Bee Post author

      Hello! That sounds great to me :D What pretty wedding colors! I actually packed it since I’m moving soon, but once it’s unpacked it all yours!

        1. Ms. Bee Post author

          That’s really sweet, thank you! I think the apartment hunt is finally over and the move should be in mid-November. I haven’t even started packing my studio yet, eep!

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