ATC #1253 Givenchy Spring 2012

Title: Givenchy Spring 2012
Size: 2.5″ x 3.5″
Status: Not Available

I love Givenchy, this latest collection is definitely extreme, there was a recent trend of all manner of things in fashion being inspired by things I hated, so when this collection was released I wasn’t as fond of it. Now that some time has passed I admire it a lot more, the excessively oversized jewelry is amazing, assaultive to the senses. The giant bullrings and earrings (which I hope to god are reinforced or something, they must be shockingly heavy) can’t be seen well in the photos here, you can view one on my Pinterest here.

The borders on the ATC are parts of a closeup of one of the pairs of earrings. The background is just a tiny image of the full collection, minus one person who spilled over the edge. I cropped out the basketball related things, it felt heavy handed, I like that they’re photographed in a gym, but leave some mystery. The third look from the right has become quite the darling on fashion magazines, however they always style it the exact same way as you see it here, and the model is always stock still looking straight forward. Show a little creativity people! You can view the full collection on Fashion Gone Rogue.

~ Brigitte

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