ATC #1254 Outer-Spaced Snow White

Title: Outer-Spaced Snow White
Size: 2.5″ x 3.5″
Status: Swapped

I’m vaguely interested in seeing the new “Mirror Mirror” Snow White movie, for the visuals more than anything else. The costuming looks really over the top and it could go either way, the movie is either going to be very clever or utterly stupid. I found a spread in a magazine of all of the costumes and decided to make this little ATC just for kicks, the birds are from an old Juicy perfume advertisement.

Here is the press photo for the costume, I think Audrey Tautou would have been a better casting choice, the single raised eyebrow and gaping maw (perhaps so a confused “Whaaaa?” can escape her lips) is not really inspiring me. Also, in all the early promo photos I saw Lily Collins was sporting one distracting borderline unibrow. Get it together, people who made this movie. Regardless, this ATC was used to “angel” for someone who never received their trade for my “Put a Bird on It” swap. I hope they like it!

Update! They received their card and did like it, always a relief!

~ Brigitte

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