ATC #1266 Alexender McQueen Fall 2012

Title: Alexender McQueen Fall 2012
Size: 2.5″ x 3.5

Well I’m still having insane scanner issues, so the image above is actually a photo of the ATC instead of the normal scan. It’s about 10x more effort but a scanner is about $100 so now I need to choose between being lazy and needlessly spending money. I will say that getting my phone’s camera directly overhead an ATC without distorting it some how or making it look wonky is needlessly a herculean task. Still, it’s better than the image looking all grainy, which is the only in-house alternative at this time.

The image used to make the collage is from the Alexander McQueen Fall 2012 collection, which you can see a good sampling of above. I love that it’s floofy, feminine, and borderline unwearable. Plus all of the models were styled to look like they were invading Earth. God I love Alexander McQueen! I gave my blog a little revamp today and I’m hoping to get in the habit of blogging more often again. I’m working on a new Zombuki so that post should be up soon I hope!

~ Brigitte

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