Studio: Zombuki Leda’s Birthday Preview

Preview! Like so many unfortunates, Ms. Leda has her birthday fall on September 11th and I thought I should do something to commemorate her birth. Really, I’d love to take photos of all the girls on their birthdays, but so few are still in-house. Leda is the only one who is still technically up for adoption who is around at all. (She has been adopted since I first published this post.) I re-dressed her in (mostly) Enchanted Petal stock and took some cute snaps, which I will post a bit later in the week. I’m trying to get back into the blogging swing so I took a ton of photos yesterday, then stupidly uploaded them to Flickr as public, and didn’t notice until the next morning. Basically I’m saying some of you got a preview of about a week’s worth of blogs! Ah, the best laid plans &c. …

Next to Leda you can see the amazing Wooper Looper by Gary Ham and it is freaking amazing. Axolotl toy? Finally! I tried to photograph it too, but since it’s white and pink I failed miserably. Luckily I did take some cute photos of other toys to show off during Attempt to Return to Regular Blogging 2012. Giant thank yous to my friend Laina who awesomely picked up Wooper and other fabulous swag for me at SDCC.

~ Brigitte

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