Studio: Red Queen Kokeshi Progress

I spent all of last Sunday knee-deep in the crafts which, for me, is an essential component of an important little thing called happiness. Like everyone on the planet I love Alice in Wonderland so I decided to make this Red Queen kokeshi, complete with heart-eyes and creepy black drips. I actually sketched out the design a really long time ago so I’m happy to have her nearly completed. Here her painting stage is completely finished and I get to start the embellishing it stage, aka the “man I hope I don’t ruin it now that it’s almost finished” stage. The embellishing should improve the kokeshi, ideally … but I plan on adding a butt-ton of roses to this baby so we’ll see. I might end up going over the top and back down the other side before I call this one a day. The other two kokeshi from my last studio post are progressing as well.

~ Brigitte

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