New Skully Zombuki Studio Photos

Some of you all may have already seen this photo, I accidentally posted it on Flickr last week, oops. The original looked pretty dingy so I needed to color adjust it anyway, plus I wanted to do a proper studio post before I put her online – oh well! Above you can see her with all of her painting finished; she’s a skully girl and the third Zombuki I’ve made with the cutie skull “mask” (though none of them are posted online). My goal is to make one in every color and have a skully rainbow – I have pink and yellow finished already – and ideally I’d want one to be an Isul.

… and here she is back in July when I started her! The only things that are finished on her here are her eye arrows, the lips and skulls just have the base down. Painting the white skulls takes approximately 1,000,000 years so it can be a little exhausting, which is why it takes me 3 months to finish one. I get bored of painting the same thing so many times! You can also see her wig here, one of my favorite wigs ever, an absolutely stunning dusty blonde mixed with lavender from Leeke, plus it’s beautiful quality. I’ve tried to use it on multiple customs, but it never “stuck” until now. Update: No, it didn’t!

This post is just a formality though, really. She’s all finished and photographed and will be posted online shortly! I just didn’t want my studio ramblings mixed in with the finished photos. I’m actually working on writing proper backstories for all the girls now; I’ve always had them in my head, but after talking to some friends about it, I realized that other people might want to read them too. Expect to see that soon! I’m thinking Friday?

~ Brigitte

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