Halloween Mini Lalaloopsy Scraps Stitched n’ Sewn

Can you believe that it’s already been a year since I got my first Lalaloopsy? Of course that was Candy Broomsticks, the 2011 Target exclusive, so this year I was immediately on the hunt for the new edition. I didn’t do any research because I wanted the new design to be a total surprise and it was. This year’s quasi-Franken-girl was completely unexpected! Needless to say I think she is absolutely adorable. The blue skin alone is awesome, is this the first non-peach Lalaloopsy?

I liked this year’s Halloween Lalaloopsy so much that I had to photograph it with last year’s edition! The bats are some “table scatter” that I got at Target too, they’re pretty cute. I think the pair looks great together and I cannot wait to see what they come out with next year. I’m also looking forward to this year’s holiday Mini, I never did get around to photographing last year’s Holly Sleighbells so that will surely be in order too. Hope you enjoyed the photos and Happy Lalaween!

~ Brigitte

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