Audrey Kawasaki Covers Hi Fructose Vol. 25

Audrey Kawasaki has not one, but two covers coming out for Hi-Fructose Vol. 25, and I bought them both. Showing my characteristic lack of restraint I couldn’t resist them; the regular cover (above) I liked more, but the limited edition cover (below) … is limited edition. I mean, of course I had to get both! Plus, if I miss out on her upcoming print edition, which I’m crazy excited about, then I can cut up the regular edition so I can still have the images hanging around the house. There’s a logic there people.

Both covers are beautiful illustrations of her new style, which is quickly making her one of my favorite artists. The regular edition is available for pre-order for $6.95 and the special cover, which has an edition size of 500, has a pre-order price $10. The limited version will not be on stands, either, so if you want it you can’t get around paying for shipping. Are any of you planning on picking up both too, or am I just nuts?

~ Brigitte

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