Project Runway Season 10: Elena’s Collection

For this season of Project Runway I’ve been good about not looking at the finale collections, since it really does sort of ruin the surprise, but as people leave the show I allow myself to check out their decoy collections. I wasn’t a huge fan of Elena at the beginning of the show – when she was being super crazy – but after the “I’m not normally a b***h” episode she really started to grow on me. She looks so happy in the photo above! Incidentally, I think it was nuts to send her home over Melissa last week, it smacks of producer tampering. Don’t get me wrong, I like Melissa and her work, but that baby outfit was indefensible.

I finally let myself look at Elena’s Fashion Week collection last night and I’m in love with it! I’d wear almost everything she made, so I had to post about it here. Remember when I used to blog about Proj all the time? The show has made me so mad I had to stop, but maybe I should start again for All Stars.

I’m going to take a moment of silence for the hour it took me to put these in the right order, which is alarming because I must have been really distracted. Damn you reruns of Frasier! Anyway, I like how odd the color blocking is on this first (?) piece. To me it feels sort of like a minimalist inverted skeleton. The striped tights are great, I think if she had more time or money they should have been printed, from the way they look in these photos I think the stripes are sewn on. Also I think some might not have feet on them? Still the tweaks that they’d make to manufacture them would result in a pair of tights (in many colors) that I’d absolutely buy.

This jacket is so fun and has the same flavor of the first (?) piece without being a repeat, the capri pants are a bit of a throwaway, but it works with the outfit. The jacket is so designed that super stylized pants would have fought for attention – this way the jacket gets the attention it deserves.

I love this dress! Here is where you notice that the tights seem to be bunching up at the ankles. Still I love them and I’m glad she made them in so many colors for all her models. People really don’t seem to get her color sense, even so much as to claim that she has a bad taste in color, but you aren’t getting it – this is some next level stuff.

In this look I’m not sure the pants were okay as neutral, though I do like the colors of the outfit on the whole. The zipper gap at the bottom of the blouse bothers me, but I get that it’s a design elements that she’s utilizing. The use of sheer is lovely, but I would have liked this with an interesting skirt. From this point forward you’re going to want to start looking at the right side of the photos as well, the backs of these outfits are beautiful.

This is probably my least favorite of all the looks, though I do like the blocking on the jacket, on the back more so than the front. Note the back of last look (on the right side of the photo) – gorgeous!

This is a fun look, the use of color is great and the design on the top is really cute, though we already saw it on the semi-sheer top. The gap at the bottom of the top it still distracting me, but this is still really fun. I never thought I’d be calling Elena’s work fun, but here we are. Turns out that just about anyone can surprise you when they’re given more than twelve hours to make an outfit.

It’s the first look in purple so basically a throwaway. Even in a collection of 30 looks I wouldn’t expect to see a palate swap unless the designer did something avant garde like multiple people down the runway at one. I know Elena considers herself avant garde so I’d be interested to see how she stages her runway when given free reign, but here? No. I’m not sure how much time or what budget she was given so I’ll overlook it in a decoy collection. The white version was better though, this isn’t severe enough to be picked for her runway her collection over the white. Plus I would have loved to see a totally unique look instead, with this one in we really only got nine looks.

Interesting jacket, I would have liked to see it zipped up all the way and without the turtleneck – which I hope to god isn’t attached. Another pair of simple pants but I get it with the color, which is great. In the next photo note the back of the jacket, there’s nothing going on. Maybe this was one of the last pieces she made? Another panel on the back of this piece would have been a welcome addition.

Here the colors and color blocking are quite unusual, but the sheer skirting looks a little off, and the blue parts of the top look a little wonky. I like this look in theory but something went awry here, look at the foot in front, there’s even some tights sticking out over the top of the shoe. This has tons of potential, but feels slightly unfinished.

I think this is her last look and it’s definitely my favorite. The skirt is sweet and fun while the jacket just pops and I love the collar. I would absolutely want to wear this whole thing. It strikes me that the entire collection is really cohesive and it makes me sad that it won’t be aired. Apparently she did all of her own makeup? It looks like Lime Crime to me and it’s fabulous! I’ve already read a lot of comments that people didn’t like her style and I think they just don’t get it (not a phrase I throw around very often). This makeup makes sense to some people and I for one think it looks amazing. Really this is such a fun, cohesive collection with a great color story; I really applaud Elena. The “real” finalists better bring it or I shall complain.

photos via Blogging Project Runway and TLo

2 thoughts on “Project Runway Season 10: Elena’s Collection

  1. Tizzalicious

    I loved what she showed when they were selecting contestants, but I didn’t like much of what she made in the show. I guess the challenges (and stress?) didn’t do her good, because I love these!

    1. Ms. Bee Post author

      I totally agree! The show really does restrict a lot of the contestants in a way that diminishes the work. When they had a longer period of time for the finale collection it was better, I think, they really need to rethink pumping out the seasons.


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