Fashion: Viktor & Rolf Spring 2005 Runway

The Spring 2005 Viktor & Rolf runway presentation sounds like it was a sight to behold. In the first half of the presentation models wearing black motorcycle helmets wore all black outfits with ribbons that got larger and larger for each look. This was one of the last looks for that part and I love it! When people talk about avant garde fashion this is what they mean, so impractical and so fabulous at the same time.

The crescendo of this first half left the models completely engulfed in bows. This look is especially amazing.Then all this all-black runway reached its end the audience hears a womans voice say “Flowerbomb, flowerbomb, flowerbomb …” (the name of the collection and their perfume that was released around the same time).

Then boom! the runway explodes into pinks and creams and a whole new set of models comes stomping out (with idiotic curled ribbon hair, which I will forgive). Those looks also get consecutively more overwhelming, but I chose looks from the end because they’re the most interesting.

Here is the finale look, beautiful and crazy. This makes me wish Lady Gaga was around in 2005 because almost no one has the guts to actually wear things like this and they need to be out in the world, subverting dominant paradigms and challenging conceptions of beauty. Of course she wouldn’t wear the pink ones, but still!

~ Brigitte

found via Drop Dead Cute, photos via Style Bistro

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