Sailor Pachi Pachi Cute Toys

As I’ve been packing I’ve been trying to set aside the toys that I want to photograph before the big move and these quite old chibi Sailor Moon Stars toys were high on the list. Sailor Moon was the only anime I ever got really into, but I was crazy about it! I even ran a Sailor Moon business for about a year. With the new animated series coming out my wallet is braced for impact, I can’t wait to see what kind of new toys are released, I’m personally hoping for a Sailor Moon Nendoroid series and more figures of the Amazon Quartet and other villains.

I really love the “chibi” style, which is why I bought these little figures over others. I still have Sailor Moon mint in package (nerd alert!) and if I find her while I’m packing I’ll try and take a few snaps. I know these figures are a little derpy, but they were amazing in 1999! I still wouldn’t part with them for anything. Incidentally I did find the Inner Senshi on Amazon and evilBay. Do any of you have super old Sailor Moon swag you’re still holding onto?

~ Brigitte

2 thoughts on “Sailor Pachi Pachi Cute Toys

  1. mikemacdee

    I have tons documented on my site under the Toybox tab – the Under A Killing Moon article. I have five of the actual Pachi Pachi figures with swappable outfits and a ton of other neat stuff.


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