Mall’s Second Edition of ATCs are Almost Here

The first time Mall put up her ATCs for sale I wasn’t lucky enough to get one. Her beautifully detailed watercolor art is some of my most coveted and solidly out of my price range. I’m excited for this second change and I love that these ATC editions give us commoners a chance to own a piece of her amazing original artwork. This second edition is made up of 101 artist trading cards which will be available on October 22nd at 4 AM EST for $25 each.

Read her original blog post here or browse all the pieces that will be available in her shop here. I know it means getting up at 4 AM on a Monday but I think I’m going to have to at least try, I’ve already picked out my #1 piece and a backup. It’s high time I owned a Mall original!

On the whole though I just have to say that I love when artists do little things like this to make originals available to just about anyone. I applaud it and I would love if more artists followed suit. I’ll update you tomorrow if I manage to nab one! Are any of you planning on joining the hunt with me?

~ Brigitte

2 thoughts on “Mall’s Second Edition of ATCs are Almost Here

  1. Wow, her art is beautiful. One thing I have to mention though is that they are ACEOs, not ATCs. It’s the same size but ATCs are only traded or given away free.

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