Mall’s Second Edition of ATCs are Almost Here

The first time Mall put up her ATCs for sale I was not lucky enough to get one. Her beautifully detailed watercolor art is some of my most coveted, and solidly out of my price range. I’m excited for this second chance, and I love that these ATC editions give us commoners a chance to own a piece of her amazing original artwork. This second edition is made up of 101 artist trading cards which will be available on October 22nd 2012 at 4 AM EST for $25 each.

Read her original blog post here or browse all the pieces that will be available in her shop here. I know it means getting up at 4 AM on a Monday but I think I’m going to have to at least try, I’ve already picked out my #1 piece and a backup. It’s high time I owned a Mall original!

On the whole though I just have to say that I love when artists do little things like this to make originals available to just about anyone. I applaud it and I would love if more artists followed suit. I’ll update you tomorrow if I manage to nab one! Are any of you planning on joining the hunt with me?

~ Brigitte

2 thoughts on “Mall’s Second Edition of ATCs are Almost Here

  1. Halla

    Wow, her art is beautiful. One thing I have to mention though is that they are ACEOs, not ATCs. It’s the same size but ATCs are only traded or given away free.


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