Update on the Beautiful Mall ATCs

Believe it or not I actually got up at 3:30 AM this morning for the Mall ATC sale that I wrote about yesterday. I made coffee so I wouldn’t pass out and started refreshing the page starting at 3:50 AM. At exactly 4:00 AM on the nose I put my #1 ATC choice in the cart and wham! not available! I clicked over to my second choice (tab already open of course) … eep! not available! I frantically clicked on the main shop page and shoved my third choice (ATC #90, above) into my cart and was relieved that it worked. The person who got the card that I wanted most wanted until 4:10 AM to buy it so I kept refreshing in the hopes they were narrowing it down, but alas. I tip my hat to you. Still, it was a bit of an adventure and I’m now thrilled to say that I own a Mall original, and a darn cute one at that. It is the first of many, I hope. Hit the jump to see the two that got away!

My first choice was ATC #81 above, for obvious reasons. There’s a giant cat on it, the colors are so beautiful, and it’s a very dynamic piece. It’s not surprising to me at all that someone else wanted it, but I’m a touch vexed that someone else actually got it. Yesterday when I showed it to my boyfriend he said, “You do not need more cat art,” ha! Oh, but I do.

My second choice was ATC #13. This is a relatively new style of Mall’s and I believe it stems from her love of Audrey Kawasaki’s art. The style is absolutely beautiful and distinct on its own, but it wasn’t my first choice because I love her crowded, colorful, whimsical style pieces the most. I especially like the subtle gradient on the hair and the color choice for the antlers is perfect. This card was also gone immediately for obvious reasons.

So there you have it! My Mall ATC Adventure Recap and Show-n-Tell, I will post again when the card comes in the mail. So, did anyone else here pick up one of Mall’s beautiful cards this morning?

~ Brigitte

2 thoughts on “Update on the Beautiful Mall ATCs

  1. Amber

    YES! I was asleep at 3am my time, but my fiance knew he was going to be awake and grabbed it for me! I got number 64, which I feel is an example of my favorite pieces by Mall. #13 was one of my top favorites as well.

    1. Ms. Bee Post author

      That’s so sweet of him! #64 is beautiful and definitely has her style written all over it. Congrats to us both! I can’t wait to see mine in person.


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