Good to Know Zine Issue #10: Fear

Pikaland’s ongoing project, the Good to Know zine series, is so good that I wish that I had thought of it myself. It’s a compilation of advice that artists, crafters, and hobbyists have volunteered for publication. I can’t speak for other contributors, but I feel like it’s a lot easier for me to be honest when my thoughts aren’t going to be indexed by Google or screen-capped by weirdos (you know who you are). Of course, zines were my first project and the first place that I got to be really bluntly honest, sharing gossip that I had no right to share was a regular thing, and instead of getting mad people were just excited to see their names in print. I’ve changed a lot since then (hopefully), but my love of zines and my comfort with them never goes away.

This issue is especially good because it addresses fear, something that people rarely talk about. I feel that it’s important to be able to share things like fear, doubt, unhappiness, etc. with people in your community. Too much of our online lives are spent trying to be Facebook-ready, making life look like a string of parties, promotions, successful haircuts, and inspirational quotes. Instead GTK is about support where it’s really needed. My favorite missive is by Aijung Kim who struggles with many of the same problems that I deal with. Simply stated: reading GTK #10 made me feel good about my community and I highly recommend picking it up!

~ Brigitte

PS: Join me in contributing to Issue #11, won’t you?

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