Kevin Wada Interprets Sailor Moon

I completely freaked out when I saw this Sailor Moon art print by Kevin Wada. I’ve been following his work for a while now – he is able to blend fashion and editorial poses with fictional characters in a way I’m really impressed with – but this piece has to be a favorite among favorites. I know it’s almost not possible, but I managed to suppress my need to buy it long enough to email him and confirm that the original wasn’t available. Sadly it had already been snapped up, but I will be receiving a large print as a housewarming present. Hurray!

A bit ago when Wada mentioned commissions on his site I entertained thoughts of asking him to make me a Sailor Moon piece, but I just assumed he had never heard of the series. Guess I was wrong! How much do you love the undertones of She-Ra in the helmet? Maybe I’ll save my pennies and see what an original would cost. In the meantime I have been popping back to this screen so I can stare at it all through the day. Swoon!

~ Brigitte

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