Crania Anatomica Filigree Skull

I stumbled upon this beautiful filigree skull sculpture a few weeks ago and decided to save it until it was a little closer to Halloween. Well here we are! “Crania Anatomica” is the creation of Joshua Harker and it’s quite unusual. I love how intricate it is, but it really isn’t handmade, it’s been created on a 3D printer. That’s amazing to me and I’m sure it brings the price down significantly. I love that the skull looks almost like it’s made out of sugar, like it was piped in pieces and then assembled. It’s because of the softness to the inside edges of the design, something that happens when you work with something that is soft and hardens as you work like sugar. The effect of the skull is quite fun and it’s a really unique piece. Maybe I’ll have on in my house before the next Halloween rolls around. A gal can dream!

~ Brigitte

via the Storque

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