Comic Review: Halloween Eve by Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare

In the interest of full disclosure I’ll have to confess up front that I do not read or review comic books on a regular basis. In fact, Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare’s “Halloween Eve” has the dubious distinction of being the first comic book that I have ever bought (wonderfully dorky Magical Girl manga yes, but comics no). When I was with my boyfriend on his weekly comic run I saw this and thought it looked cute, so I picked it up. I flipped though it and seeing that it lacked both graphic violence and gratuitous sex I was elated and decided to take it home.

“Halloween Eve” is a one off comic that tells the story of a grumpy gal with a sweet center who insists that she absolutely hates Halloween. It becomes obvious fairly quickly that she actually likes it – dressing up in costume of her own volition when no one is around – but it’s the vulnerability of being dressed up that she hates. Falling into Halloween Land she has a mini adventure that culminates in her arrival back in the real world, but with a much happier bent on things. Warming to her crush and gleefully handing out candy, Eve ends the comic allowing herself to be happy in life.

“Halloween Eve” started out on Kickstarter and I would have loved the chance to support it then. It’s a beautifully illustrated and very cute story. Apparently, Amy Reeder used to illustrate Batwoman, which is pretty awesome, so I with her the best and hope I can pick up another piece of hers in the future.

~ Brigitte

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