Happy Birthday to Meeee

It’s my birthday today – November 2nd – and it’s the Day of the Dead, my favorite holiday. Recently I found myself telling someone that I was a “contemporary art collector,” and believe it or not my art collection is something that’s quite important to me. This morning I decided to take a beat and make a list of art pieces that I truly want, the ultimate birthday wishlist. Who knows, maybe by this time next year I’ll have made some of my dreams come true? And so, without further ado, the list:

  • Another Miss Mindy original – I was lucky enough to snag this one this year, but I am hungry for another of her stunning, whimsical pieces.
  • A Junko Mizuno original – I almost bought a piece from her “Venus Cake” show, but it wasn’t my top pick from the show (that one had already been sold) so I decided to wait. I have several of her toys and a print, but an original I still need for my collection.
  • An Audrey Kawasaki print – Rumor has it that she will be releasing a print from her “Midnight Reverie” show and I know it will be a must-have for me. My only worry is that they will sell out too quickly so I’ll have to be vigilant.
  • A full-size Mall original – In addition to the ATC I picked up I’d really love to have one of her original pieces, particularly one on wood, preferably with a cat, because I’m a crazy cat lady now.
  • A JAW Cooper original – I’m still kicking myself for passing on a set of originals a while back and I will not rest until one of her amazing pieces is safely in my paws.
  • Another Miss Kika original – I already have two originals (brag, brag) but I need more, more, more! Her work it too amazing and I am always going to want to add another piece of hers to my collection.
  • A Julie West original – I have plenty of prints and toys by her but no originals, I feel like I’ve been seeing her work less and less so I’m worried that if I don’t act soon I’ll miss my chance to own one of her pieces.

So there you have it, my wish list! I’m really looking forward to hanging up my art collection in the new apartment. I’m thinking of hanging it floor-to-ceiling in the studio and leaving the other rooms empty, but I haven’t decided yet. Maybe while I’m at it I’ll post or archive my collection here, I’m super proud of it, ha!

~ Brigitte

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